Thea is a planner, an organiser, a project manager - and she has a soft spot for technology. craftsmanship. design. skincare & makeup. animals.


I am an organiser with a passion for craftsmanship with its old-world charm, and the advancement of technology with its promise of a brighter future. I strive to adapt to the fast-changing environment, supporting from behind the scenes to bring improvement and benefit for many.


Bachelor of Architecture
BINUS University Jakarta, 2010-2015


Project management, creative leadership, administration, print and digital design, photography, HTML & CSS, calligraphy, paper-making, dyeing, Google Apps, Adobe CS (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), Wordpress, MailChimp, Indonesian (native), English (fluent), German (A1.3).


Dogs and furry animals, film camera, Clair de Lune, being a koala, sun rays, Starry Night, the moon, hydrangeas, chicken wings and french fries.

Community Manager
Manual Jakarta (PT Kharisma Media Baru)

I managed projects, brand collaborations, advertisements, and media partnerships. As part of my role as project manager, I am familiar with liaising with the design team in the design as well as production processes. While building and maintaining relationships with clients and business owners alike, I've had the pleasure to get acquainted with Jakarta's lifestyle and creative industry.

Notable projects and collaborations during my period includes the debut issue of Manual Print (2017), Jakarta Coffee Manual 2016 and 2017, The Next Cities Unveiled with Avolution (2017), Open Newsroom and City Tour collaboration with the all-new BMW X1 (2016), and Next Level People for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 (2016). · @manualjakarta

JUNE 2014 - DECEMBER 2014
Floor Crew & Social Media Manager
Trafique Coffee

Worked as a part-time in pursuit of a new experience of working in a fast- paced environment and connecting with new people. Since then, I have greatly developed my personality and skills in working with sincerity and enthusiasm. Not bound with my main role as a cashier attendant/waitress, I learned the art of coffee brewing and managed the café’s Instagram. This is when and where my interest for the creative and lifestyle industry started to bloom.

2010 - PRESENT
Closet Website Designer, HTML/CSS Tweaker and Blogger

Interest and curiosity led me to self-taught web design, HTML and CSS in my 6th grade. Having designed and developed static pages for personal and corporate websites, I am particularly interested in responsive design. Wrote as a blogger with the focus on beauty subjects, I may write again in the form of a journal, as an outlet for everyday activities.

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