Thea is a planner, an organiser, a project manager - and she has a soft spot for design. stationery. technology. coffee & tea. animals. Japan.

Thea Ilona

📍 Sydney, NSW, AU

Throughout the years, I've had significant exposure to digital media, technology, creative, and lifestyle industries. I have a strong ownership to what I do and I'm quick to learn new things. Though I do like organisation and planning, I am able to fluidly adapt to changes to get the job done.

With my interest in design and technology since primary school years, and my skills in organising and coordinating, I am now looking to pursue a career that combines the two.

In my free time, these things pique my interest: dogs, cats, fries (chips), cooking, IKEA assembling, Studio Ghibli, embroidery, drawing, lettering, manga, film photography.

💻 Experiences

Quality Control

Tapas Media Localisation Team

JANUARY 2021 - present

As a Quality Control team member, my role is to balance the creator's intention and the understanding of the readers by delivering quality content through grammar and visual checks, and ensure naturalistic writing.

I collaborate with translators, letterers, and other QCs, as well as Account Managers to ensure stories are accurately conveyed. This position also requires the crafting of briefs, blurbs, and scripts for series launches, special announcements, and prologues.

Senior Supervisor & Administrative Support

UNIQLO Australia

MARCH 2019 - present

Working in the retail industry is certainly a world on its own. This role gives me invaluable insight on working in a customer-facing role, implementing time-management and prioritisation skills in high-demand settings to efficiently complete multiple tasks.

Started in March 2019 as a regular Partner. Due to work ownership and quickly learning quite literally on my feet, I was promoted to Advanced Partner (Junior Supervisor) after 9 months, and to my current role after another 8 months.

As an administrator, my role has an added edge to provide support towards the store's daily operations. This gives me a deeper insight to the inner workings of a store which includes timecard management, payroll, and procurement.

Community Manager & Digital Producer

Manual Jakarta (New Media Folder)


Based on my skillset, I was relocated from The Third Company to Manual Jakarta, a different business unit under the same company. My main responsibilities are to manage partnerships which include event productions and deliver digital projects, create proposals for the above, and the up-keep of media kit with the latest analytics.

Here I honed my skills in collaborating with a lean cross-functional team, specifically the editorial and design teams, to flesh out ideas, concepts, copywriting, and branding, from production to execution of digital projects. These includes websites, email marketing, landing pages, printed publications, and marketing campaigns.

I highly enjoy the process of delivering personalised products for our clients, to answer their needs and relaying the message to our readers. All the while building and engaging in relationships with key partners, clients, and business owners of Jakarta's lifestyle and creative industry.

Following my move to Sydney, Australia, I continue to provide support as Community Assistant Manager from February 2018 through May 2020.

Account Manager

The Third Company (New Media Folder)

JULY 2015 - DECEMBER 2016

This role is a starting point towards my connection to the creative & lifestyle industry. I help create, plan, produce, and maintain social media campaigns for some of Jakarta's leading brands. Delivering customised content plans (copywriting and visual directions) which reflect each brands' unique tone of voice and personality.

💡 Projects

Blog & Recipe Box

Coming Soon

I'm the kind of person who could sit at a cafe for hours, just observing her surroundings and other people. This blog is a space for me to write about my daily thoughts. I'm also setting up another one to document my cooking adventure, recipes from my mom to pass on, and internet-found recipes.

Tapas Localisation

Quality Control

A Talented Maid
Charlotte and Her 5 Disciples
Strictly Professional
This Villainess Wants a Divorce
• more launching in March 2021

Next Cities Unveiled

Manual Jakarta x Avolution

Project lead, producer, travel & logistics. Next Cities Unveiled is a microsite that serves as a concise guide to the lifestyle scene from seven selected cities in Indonesia: Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Palembang, Balikpapan, Pekanbaru and Makassar.

Manual Print & Jakarta Coffee Manual

Manual Jakarta

Project lead and producer. Manual Print is an offline supplement to the website, featuring articles revolving around a specific theme. Jakarta Coffee Manual (2016 & 2017) is a guide highlighting Jakarta's best specialty coffee shops and features a stamp-hunting activity.

Next Level People

Manual Jakarta x Samsung Indonesia

Project lead. Created an Instazine on Instagram to promote the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S7. @NextLevelPeople consists of 10 interconnected Instagram accounts, creating a network of "pages" similar to that of a website.

Open Newsroom & City Tour

Manual Jakarta x BMW Indonesia

Project lead, event management. To introduce the launch of the all new BMW X1, in 2016 BMW collaborated with Manual Jakarta. We injected X1’s tagline “adventure is a mindset” into pre-existing events and hosted a series of Open Newsrooms and a City Tour to close off the series.

📚 Education

Master of Project Management

University of Sydney

AUGUST 2020 - present

Throughout the years of various roles in different industries, I realised the one aspect that I enjoy most. With that, I decided to switch to part-time work and pursue a Master degree towards equipping myself with what I am good at. Knowing enough of everything to get a general grasp and supporting specialists to deliver a project.

Bachelor of Engineering (Architecture)

BINUS University

SEPTEMBER 2014 - MAY 2015

My interest in both exact measurements and subjective arts pushed me towards studying Architecture. Though I decided not to pursue a career in the field, it serves as a starting point to discovering my interest in project management. Digital Project Management​


Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing


Google Analytics Individual Qualification


🛠 My Toolbox

Microsoft Office

Google Suite

Google Analytics

Google Data Studio

cPanel, FTP, self-hosting

Atom, SublimeText

WordPress, Grav CMS


Merlin Project, OmniPlan

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

Slack, Discord, Notion

Indonesian (native)

English (fluent)

Korean (elementary)

German (elementary)

Japanese (pre-intermediate)


📨 Let's connect.

If you'd like to get in touch, ping me on one of these two or feel free to drop me an email at